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Fx genie app

Fx Genie Free Forex Signals. Unlimited live signals every day. Each signal has 3 targets. Fx Genie App sends you alerts so that you know exactly when a target is hit. And if you have to get out sooner! Very handy! You receive long term and short term signal

fx press app

Fx Press works the same as his big brother Fx Genie. Fx Press is an App for scalping. Very short trades fast results.It is completely free to use. So do not hesitate to download. We recommend that you use both Apps.

telegram group

We strongly recommend our Telegram Group to download. In our Telegram Group we discuss the best trades of the day. The best tips and you get education and motivation about forex trading.

Fx Genie Free Forex Signals & Fx Press App

The time of crapy signals are over! And people who whant to teach you forex trading for a fee! Let all that Gurus talk! Follow our great Fx Genie App now! Even if you have no experience with forex at all!
Everything will sonn be clear to you!


Hi our dear traders! What makes our Fx Genie Free Forex Signals App so different from other companies that provide signals? Other companies charge high costs for their signals that can cost as much as $ 100 a month. They claim that they have 70% percent good signals. And that is not even true! you have 30% bad signals that is enough to lose your entire account. Other companies send a random signal and you have to figure it out by your self ! No one who assists you in your trade who can tell you whether things are going well or not.

That sounds risky or not?

We handle that differently!   

Completely different!

We will send you 3 targets! in our Application. We will also send you alerts so that you know exactly when news comes out. Let’s say about 30 minutes news comes out a lot of votilaty is expected in eur/usd pair. Or we can send you an alert so that you know exactly whether you should stay in that trade or not.
Let’s say you hit target1 and 2 and you’re almost at target 3 we’ll send you an alert via our Fx Genie App. With the message Beware! there are changes in the market! take your profit and leave the trade! you will know exactly where you stand when you follow our FX Genie App.
We also have a Secret telegram Group. In this group our analysts will tell you exactly where you stand. And what the best trades of the day are. So that you know exactly which signal to choose. to have the fastest profit this day.
In this Secret Telegram Group you will also receive Advices, Tips & Motivation from our experienced analysts.

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Such a great App as Fx Genie you will not find anywhere else that is so accurate.

In this Secret Telegram Group you will also receive Advices, Tips & Motivation from our experienced analysts.

 Even if you just started with Forex Trading. 
With this method everything will be clear to you quickly. 
After 2 weeks of working with Fx Genie App you will never want anything else..

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